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Node Field Table of Contents

A drupal module that provides a panels pane table-of-contents containing links (in-page anchors) for a node based on its fields and their visibility settings.

What it does

This module does two things when enabled for content types, it:

  1. adds in-page anchors to fields for nodes of specified content types. (based on the visibility of those fields in a specified view mode.)
  2. Supplies a panels pane that lists those same fields in a table of contents (in page anchors) that you can place in a panels pane wherever you have a node context for the content types mentioned above.

Things you can do with this module

  1. Supply a table of contents on full page nodes using the panels page node view or a panelizer and this module's pane
  2. Have a summary or teaser table of contents on a node by adding this table of contents pane to view modes of a panelized node or panels page node and have this table of contents available to views that use the node display and the node view mode
  3. Have a table of contents that includes only key fields or a subset of fields that you have curated in a custom or other view mode.


Download and enable the module.


There are a couple of content type configuration settings you will need to make in addition to adding the node auto toc panel to your desired panels page with a node context (which for a simple node might include the panels page node view).

Content Type Configuration:

The content type settings are available to you once the module is enabled whe you create or edit your content types. To enable Node Field Table of Contents go to the Node Auto Field TOC tab in the content type options and check the enable checkbox.

You may also choose what you would like to be used as the fragment (i.e.
You may select either the field machine name or the label of the field name.


For a field "The title of your recipe" with a machine name of field_recipe_name

Choose machine name for links like:

Choose Labels for links like:

Panels Pane Configuration:

On a panels page where you have a node context for an enabled content type add a pane.

In the pane menu go to the "Miscellaneous" tab and choose the Node Auto Field TOC pane.

The pane configuration allows you to change a few elements of the TOC.

You may add a List title or exclude it entirely by typing in:

You may choose to use an ordered (ol) or unordered (ul) list style.

You may add a custom class to the toc list.

You may choose the view mode you want to use for field visibility settings for this content type.
The TOC will only
add links that are visible (not hidden) in the view mode you specify.

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