Node Convert adds a menu tab "Convert" on the node view page, i.e. node/1/convert, which gives the ability to convert the node from its current node type to another node type. The module provides the means to transfer all the field values of the current node type into fields on the destination node type, or discard them.

The module integrates with Actions, Rules, Views Bulk Operations and Admin Views nicely. It has support for exporting templates into Features using CTools Exportables.
It also provides a hook that enables developers to execute additional code on conversion.

Currently the module provides additional behavior for properly converting nodes for the following modules:
- XMLSitemap

Patches for additional behaviors are welcome.

The module has been tested on converting node types with the following field types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Image
  • File
  • Node reference
  • User reference
  • Term reference
  • Entity reference
  • Link
  • Date
  • Datestamp
  • Email

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