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This module allows you to configure the title of the Node Add pages and the Node Editing pages.

The default title of the page where users create new nodes is constructed by Drupal in a dynamic way that not always looks good. By default Drupal concatenates the word Create and the name of the content type. The result could be something like "Create Basic page" or "Create article". This is not always acceptable.

With this little module you can replace Drupal's default concatenated Node Add page title and the Node Editing page title with a title of your choice for every content type.

After installing this module you will see the following two new fields at the bottom of the content type configuration form:

  • Node Add page title
  • Node Edit page title

Use these two new fields for overriding the titles of the new node creation pages and the node editing pages.


This module was contributed by Going Drupal.

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