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Node Access Relation allows content access permissions to be set for users on content referenced via a relation.

You need Node Access Relation if...

  • You use or plan on using the Relation module and want to grant users access to view/edit/delete content based on their relations.
  • You find Drupal roles too broad but per-node access controls too much to manage



  1. Enable the relation and node_access_relation modules.
  2. Create a new Relation Type.
  3. Check 'Directional Relation' to set access controls.
  4. Set the Source Bundle as a user and the Target Bundle as a node type.
  5. Set the node access permissions for the target node bundle as desired and save the relation type.
  6. Source users or users with access to the source node type should now have access to target node bundles based on the node access permissions.
  7. Additional linked relations where the target node bundle used above is the source can now be created with permissions inherited through node_access_relation.

For detailed instructions on using Relation see:

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