Gives content access permissions on a book child page if users have access to the root of the book, typically provided by another node access module. Checks view, update, and delete grant operations, and can pass those on to the referencing content, or trigger a different grant configuration according to settings(not yet).

This module is a spin-off from Node access node reference and it's functionality is very new - use with caution!

Similar modules

  • Book access
    Provides a tab where you can manually configure the access for a whole book per role.
  • Node access node reference
    Gives content access permissions to users if they have access to content that is referenced with node reference or entity reference.

There are also many other content access control (node access) modules that you can use to provide additional ways to grant access to nodes for more users.

Recommended modules

  • Devel node access
    Part of the devel project. Provides blocks displaying content access control (node access) modules' node access records for nodes and node access grants for users. Useful for debugging site configuration.
  • Node access rebuild bonus
    Provides some administrative benefits for sites with content access control (node access) modules.

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