NLG module in use with custom theming.

Nagios Looking Glass (NLG) is a utility for viewing filtered Nagios data.

NLG is not a tool for sending Drupal data to a Nagios server. For this you should use the Nagios Monitoring module.

On the top of this project page is a screenshot of the module in action, with some custom theming added to it.

7.x. Version

7.x Version by Daniel Baker

See it live in action on drupal 7 at:

Version 7 Sponsored by Patient Conversation Media Inc.

Nagios Looking Glass (NLG) is a web-based interface for Nagios that allows you to show at-a-glance, real-time server status to 3rd parties without giving them direct access to Nagios.
NLG is aimed at businesses wanting to publish their server status's in real-time to customers, without the complication or security risk of giving users access to the Nagios CGIs.
NLG gives at-a-glance "traffic light" status of all servers, then a user can drill down onto the services. Starting with v1.1.0, NLG supports giving different users access to different servers via the built-in filtering.

You will need three things in place to use the NLG module

  1. A working Nagios installation. If you are using Ubuntu, I suggest using "sudo apt-get install nagios3". For other platforms, check out: The Nagios website

    Ensure Nagios works first by installing it and visiting its console. Make sure to provide viewing permissions to all hosts/services you want to show, or turn off authentication and set to only viewable by localhost if you are doing it on the same server.

  2. A working Nagios Looking Glass installation. Nagios Looking glass can be obtained from Nagios Exchange You will need to put the nlg directory somewhere that is web accessible, and that can access the Nagios server (everything can be on the same server). You can test your NLG install by going to the client folder, e.g., http://localhost/nlg/client

    If you are on Linux be sure to make the index folder, javascript, and sync-files all be writeable by the web user

  3. The NLG module. Install like normal by downloading and enabling this module. Make sure to set your configuration settings at Site Configuration -> NLG

The NLG Drupal module is a major rewrite of the original Nagios Looking Glass plugin released with permission from the original NLG author, Andy Shellam. It provides the Nagios Looking Glass view as a block. It removes the original templating system in order to simplify the NLG interface and maintenance.

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