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Dashboard example 2
Google analytics dashboard preview

This module makes the lifes of webmasters a bit easier. We want to make it as easy as possible for Drupal end-users to have all the tools at a central spot. In trainings with customers it was sometimes very hard to explain how to get at the right spots to alter content. Webmasters can create dashboards (yes, plural) with all the widgets they think are needed the most.


Out of the box

  • Add content quicklinks
  • Content manager
  • Latest users
  • Latest content
  • Latest comments
  • Last loggedin users
  • Frontpage content
  • Sticky content

Google Analytics

  • General summary
  • Visitors statistics
  • Browser statistics
  • Visitor map
  • Page statistics
  • Entrance statistics
  • Exit statistics
  • Source statistics
  • Keywords
  • Hour statistics

Want more widgets? Create your own:

  • Integration with views: Choose the "Dashboard widget" display and it will automatically create a widget with your custom view.
  • Integration with blocks: Create a dashboard widget from any available block.


Module sponsored by Nascom and Villa viscom


swentel, for the initial widget refactoring to ctools plugins.

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