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USE THE NEW 1.6 RELEASE - it should be stable and contains bug fixes. Looking for co-maintainer. See message in issue queue.

This module adds the ability to have several different membership types, each collecting different data from the user for registration by using custom content types and the combination of nodeprofile and pageroute modules (both required). The accounttypes module is recommended but not required. See each required module for any dependencies that they might have.

What this module does is:
When a user attempts to register for your site, they will first be presented with a drop down selector of membership types which you as admin have previously defined. They will read instructions for proper membership type selection that you previously wrote. After selecting and submitting this form, they will be presented with the standard Drupal registration form. Depending on whether you require admin approval of new accounts and/or email verification, the user will then either - a) be immediately presented with pageroute consisting of nodeprofile pages which will collect further data from them, b) be logged out so they can verify their email, then when they return be presented with the pageroute for their membership type as in (a), or c) after the admin has unblocked their account and/or the user has verified their email, when they return they will be presented with the pageroute as in (a).

In all cases, if you require that certain pages of the pageroute be filled out before the user can use the site, they will be routed to the next unfilled page at each login, or each attempt to browse to another page until they do. In other words, they will be stuck until they complete registration, except that they can logout at any time.

See the USAGE example in the README for how to setup nodeprofile, pageroute, and your content types. [Note: this needs updating in one respect. When you create your pageroutes, you must now specify tabs, not buttons or you won't see the return link from the 'Personal data' section of the user profile back to the main profile area.

Optionally, if you use my Account Types module (, you can assign/associate an account type with a membership type. The README explains the difference between these two concepts and how they can work together.

This module is also aware of OG and my Content Type Administration by Organic Group module ( See the README for how this module interacts with these others.

The README contains the following:

USAGE (Example)

See the documentation link below.

This module is complicated to setup and use because of its dependencies. You must read AND UNDERSTAND all documentation for the nodefamily, nodeprofile and pageroute modules before attempting to use this one. Oh, and understanding CCK is a must as well. This precludes use by casual users, whether newbie or not. I'm willing to help, but I won't hold your hand.

Contact me via my Drupal profile if you'd like to hire me to set this module up, modify it for your particular use, or other Drupal/PHP work.

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