This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

USE THE 1.1 VERSION - This module allows users to control just how much of their nodeprofile data is shared with other users on a case-by-case basis.

Looking for co-maintainer. See message in issue queue.

Attempting to contact an 'unknown' user will allow them to choose to
a) send them a message, or
b) initiate a handshake.

The 'initiator' has the option to select which fields of his/her own to expose.

The 'acceptor' then has the option of
1) rejecting the handshake altogether;
2) accepting the handshake after
a) checking the fields of theirs they want to share(from the list the first user
b) selecting a handshake 'duration';
3) flagging the request for the admin and writing a note as to why the request may be
inappropriate or a violation of the user agreement.

Whatever fields are deemed 'okay' by the 'acceptor' are exposed to both parties. (See
the database table to see what information is tracked to make this possible.) A time
limit may be placed on the transaction by either party. A handshake may be revoked at
any time. It may be expanded and extended.

This module can also be considered a 'contacts' module as all users with whom a user
has 'shaken hands' can be listed, sorted, etc. More robust contacts tools will be
added as time allows. The goal is to eventually be able to add contacts like you would
in outlook and import/export to the most popular formats to sync your data. These
features will likely end up as part of this project, but as a separate module so as to
allow selective use via the admin/build/modules page.

Now has better 'tabs' on user account section.

Now has user search.

Now, admins (user 1 and by role) can shake hands and see both handshake data and traditional user data on the user page.

See issue queue, README, and embedded module TODOs for future features.

Contact me via my Drupal profile if you'd like to hire me to set this module up, modify it for your particular use, or other Drupal/PHP work.

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