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This module provides an integration between the NETX Digital Asset Management (DAM) System and the Drupal Content Management System. The module makes it easy for NetX users in managing their digital assets in the content management system. Digital assets will be synchronized to Drupal as “file entities” with asset meta data such as AssetID, Name, Description, File Size, Format, etc. Instead of syncing the file to Drupal, the integration module aims to only synchronize a “preview” derivative of the asset when possible. This can be an image thumbnail, a video preview image, etc.

The integration module will utilize Drupal’s file streamwrapper to create new URIs for NETX digital assets and serve them directly from NETX or associated CDNs.

Features & Modules

  • Integration with Media module (two additional tabs being added to media browser)
  • Editors can browse through NetX folders to select the file to be used
  • Ability to upload file assets from Drupal to NetX directly
  • Search through NetX assets to find asset to be used
  • images being pulled into Drupal but all other file types being served directly from NetX
  • Editors can use and update metadata associated with assets in Drupal
  • Views integration with NetX Asset Metadata (Attributes)

What's included

  • NetX
  • NetX views integration



NetX requires the media suite of modules. The main user interface from the integration will be presented in media browser.

The following modules are required before NetX can be enabled

  • File Entity
  • Media
  • CTools
  • jQuery update (>1.7)
  • Strongarm


Configuration screen can be accessed at admin/config/media/netx or through the admin_menu on Configuration >> Media >> NetX Settings

The NetX URL should look like [name]
Category to upload files will set the category for assets uploaded from Drupal to NetX

Common Mistakes

  1. Please ensure that the category in NetX is setup to with permission to allow. By default when category is created it is set to DENY all
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