This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

These modules are no longer actively maintained, however, patches in RTBC state will be considered for inclusion.

Node display contributions is a set of modules that are add ons of the Node displays module.

The current 2.x branch is compatible with Display Suite 1.x and 2.x. Users of Display Suite 6.x-2.x should use Node Displays Contributions 6.x-2.6 or above.

Included modules

  • ND CCK: support for CCK.
  • ND Fivestar: support for Fivestar.
    Read #1070132: Five Star widget no longer available if fivestar does not show up.
  • ND Ubercart: support for Ubercart products.
  • ND search: support for Drupal core search, Apache Solr and Search Lucene API.
    You need the 6--2 branch of Apache Solr if you want to use that.
    • Indexing the node sometimes fails with special characters on Apache Solr. Use this patch to fix that problem.
    • Sometimes titles might be escaped twice when coming from Apache Solr, use this patch to fix that.

    These patches won't be committed to the stable version since people using a previous version would have to delete the entire index or haven't been tested in a lot of setups.

  • ND location: support for Location and Gmap module.
  • ND Vote Up/Down: support for Vote Up/Down - written by frega.
  • ND switch build modes: switch the build mode on a per node basis - written by frega.
  • ND context: conditions and reactions on ND build modes for Context 3 - written by frega.
  • ND FAQ: support for the FAQ module - written by Nico Heulsen.
  • ND Poll: support for the Drupal core Poll module - written by Nico Heulsen.
  • ND Webform: support for the Webform module - written by attiks

Display Suite 6.x-2.x compatibility

2.x aims for full backwards compatibility with 1.x, and has been tested with Node Displays CCK. However, as the internal rendering process has changed, some parts of Node Displays Contributions may no longer function correctly. If you find it is not working with other modules which implement the Display Suite API, please file an issue in the Display Suite issue queue.

Drupal 7

Several functionalities for D7 are moved to the Display suite project:

  • Search (node, user, apachesolr)
  • Switch Build modes
  • Fivestar
  • ND CCK became obsolete with Field API
  • Ubercart became obsolete with Drupal commerce

Other modules haven't got a final destination yet since they're not fully functional yet in D7.


We have documentation, screencasts and more information available. Go and explore the world of Display suite.

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