This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See Navigate - Moderately Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities - Unsupported - SA-CONTRIB-2015-112 for details.
If you want to use this module, your options are:

Seeking 5 volunteers to pre-beta test Navigate 2.0!
See #958526: Navigate 6.x-2.x Pre-Beta Testers

Watch a video demonstration of Navigate

Navigate is a quickly deployable, highly customizable and reasonably sexy navigation tool for Drupal. Navigate bar consists of widgets like menu search, collapsible menus and favorites, and can be customized for individual users or user roles. Navigate has been tested with many themes, and can be themed to match the look of any site.

You need Navigate if you:

  • Want to quickly set up navigation and shortcuts for site editors and administrators
  • Aren't sure where to find everything in Drupal
  • Want to quickly navigate through through common Drupal tasks
  • Don't want to clutter up a theme with administration tools
  • Want to make using Drupal a pleasure for those who are unfamiliar with its quirks

Once you install Navigate, a Search and Favorites widget will be added to your widget set for you. From there, you can customize your widget set as much as you'd like. Some of the things you can do:

  • Add a widget to search menu items, and another to search content. Or, add one to search both!
  • Add a Favorites widget, and create a set of favorites to commonly visited pages. Then, export it to import into other installations.
  • Load any menu or sub-menu in a state-saved collapsible tree
  • Set a different widget set for individual users or user roles.
  • Through permissions, allow some users to customize their widget sets while others remain static
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to toggle Navigate visibility or start a search
  • Rearrange and rename widgets

Navigate mixes well with other administration tools, such as Administration Menu and Teleport.


Drupal 6.x

  • 6.x-1.0 is the current stable release. Once 6.x-2.0 is released, we will discontinue support for this branch and only patch this version if any security issues arise.

  • // 6.x-2.x-DEV

    6.x-2.0-beta1 will be released once all issues have been fully resolved in the issue queue and our pre-beta testers are satisfied with a production quality version. After the Navigate 6.x-2.0-beta1 release, we will allow two weeks for any issue queue tickets to surface before officially releasing a first time, full (non-beta) version of Navigate.... 6.x-2.0!

    Seeking 5 slots of pre-beta testers for Navigate 2.0!
    We are close to releasing Navigate 2.0 and we are seeking 5 individuals! Are you interested in helping pre-beta test the complete redesign of this module? If so, please submit your inquiries to the issue: #958526: Navigate 6.x-2.x Pre-Beta Testers

    While, in the Drupal community, it is standard to simply release a beta or even an alpha. We have decided that for such an major revision of this module, we would like to pre-release this to a select few. The decision behind this falls to two main points:

    • Simplicity - We would like to limit the initial input for issues that may be encountered. This allows us to focus on quickly troubleshooting any major issues that are encountered.
    • Integrity - The pre-beta team will also be encouraged to provide rigorous feedback relating to all aspects of this new module's design. Starting from installation and upgrading to usability and interface.

    Key Features:

    • Performance - Navigate's Drupal and JavaScript framework has been rewritten from the ground up. Upgrading will be a breeze within the module's comprehensive update. We have also introduced an administration settings page to custom tailor Navigate to your sites specific needs. Determine which pages Navigate can load on. Render the entire Navigate DOM or simply use AJAX to load content when needed? The choice is yours!
    • Plugin API - A massive Drupal and JavaScript framework has been established allowing developers a simpler and cleaner environment for creating additional plugins. All of our existing plugins were rewritten to utilize all these new features and enhance performance. We are also introducing a new plugin: Blocks!
    • Template Suggestions - Creating themes for Navigate has never been easier! We have implemented the powerful LESS CSS preprocessing to render and entire theme based on simple color variables. And if you feel like taking it a step further and truly customizing Navigate to suit your site, we bring you template suggestion files to use within your own theme!
    • User and Role Permissions - Introducing permission rules! Whether you need to give an entire role a specific set of permissions or allow specific user overrides, weighted permission rules are here! We have extended Drupal's default permissions with a special Navigate tab which gives you absolute control over who can do what!
    • Many, many... more features! Click Here for a sneak peak at some of the preliminary screenshots!

Drupal 5.x

  • This branch is no longer supported. The only modifications to this branch will happen if a security issue arises.

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