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Nat module configuration page

Node Auto Term or NAT is a helper module used to facilitate node-node relationships through the use of the Taxonomy module; i.e. when a node is created, a taxonomy term is also created automatically using its title and body in any associated vocabularies. Other nodes can now be tagged with terms from these vocabularies thereby establishing node-node relationships.

For example, consider a site with two node types - product and image - and a vocabulary named Products which is associated with the image node type. When a NAT association is created between the product node type and the Products vocabulary, any product nodes created will automatically also trigger the creation of a term with the same title. Subsequently, when we create an image node, we can categorise the image under a term from the Products vocabulary thereby establishing a relationship between a product node and image nodes. Later on, using Views or the NAT module's API functions, we can load and display related image nodes while viewing product node.

This module also attempts to preserve hierarchical relationships - where possible - which is useful when creating node-node relationships within the same node type. Using the above example, we could have also allowed for product-product relationships which would facilitate sub-products and so on.

Testers, feature requests and patches welcome :)

Initially sponsored by: Moshe Weitzman.


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