!!!IMPORTANT!!! IF you have a good algoritm for the Easter and the Greek name days, do not forget to send me! UPDATE!!! There is some good algoritm for this, I hope I can put it to the next version. 6.x version not maintained anymore.

A lot of portal site like to show the actual name day, in some country (you can see a list in the Wikipedia). There was a lot of solution for it, but no drupal modules. (I did not find).

This module is very easy of use. Install it as usual and select the block from the admin/build/block list. The name day is depend on the current language (and naturally on the current date) and now only hungarian name days is working.

The Russian version of the namdey file is submitted by pvasili. Thanks!

The Polish version... I do not remember :(

And the fresh new Czech version.

I welcome the new languages files for other countries. The file description is in the datas/README.txt. This file is included when You install the module.

Supported languages

  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Czech

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