This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows creation of new drupal sites from a central drupal site without the creator having access to database info. The new site is installed either in the same database with a different prefix or if the drupal db_user has access to create a database and grant privileges, then possibly there.

If you are looking for inter-related sites, this module will not achieve this alone (see Organic Group modules). This simply makes it possible for users to skip the typical drupal installation process (entering the db user/password), making it possible for non-admins to do this step.

If you have a Drupal version lower than Drupal 5.7, then many configurations which involve installing into another database require this patch. It should be superfluous to say that this module does database-management and therefore before installing you should back up your database and test that your particular configuration works.

This project was sponsored by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning:


  • run cron across sites
  • ability to activate installations from batch script (with an admin user) to perform other operations

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