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V6 Note: If you are updating your Drupal 6 dev version, disable then enable the Multiforms Admin module so Drupal can find newly added theme functions.

The Multiforms module is designed for the collection of data from users. It can be used to easily author multi-page forms which are published as nodes. The data collected by the forms can then be exported. It was originally designed to handle contest and survey creation needs for the website of The Georgia Straight (, a weekly Vancouver newspaper.

Multiforms module features include:

  • Multi-page form support
  • Multiple choice question support (select, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.) with web interface for editing choices
  • Ability to save/load form "snippets" (groups of fields)
  • Duplicate submission prevention (based on specification of which fields should collectively be unique)
  • Ability to purge submitted data
  • Closing date and message
  • Integrated email referrals
  • Completion threshold
  • Creation of draw entries upon successful completion
  • Creation of extra draw entries for each email referral

Development was sponsored by Vancouver Free Press. The module was designed by Mike Cantelon, Geoff Burke, and Miles Keir.

Handbook documentation is in development:

Note: Only the Drupal 5.x version currently supports Postgres. Both versions support MySQL.

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