This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

-- Please be aware that further development of this module has stopped.
-- Have a look at the module which does much more and is actively maintained
-- That said, if someone has a patch for this module, i will commit them.

This is a module which allows you to span one site across multiple domains.

You can configure which domains to use for different parts of your site including which protocol that section uses. It can also be used to put the ecommerce or user account functionality behind https, for instance.

This module was primarily developed for Oasis Magazine for the purpose of hosting different types of content, on different sites, while using the same database, so that information can be cleanly promoted between the different sites, without having to worry about syndication and the like.

This module requires the single sign-on module, to allow you to be logged into multiple domains at the same time.

A small patch to Drupal core is required for this module to work. It is included in the package.

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