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Display checkboxes and radios in columns in CCK, webform or FAPI elements.


CCK: Multicolumn option settings is in the field configuration screen of field types text, nodereference, userreference, content taxonomy and Select or other if they use the check boxes/radio buttons widget. See README.txt on how to add additional CCK widget type support. If you find any other CCK widget type can be supported, please report in issue queue so they can be added.

Webform: See #946956: Implement alter() hook to allow external module to extend existing components?

Form API: in the definition of checkboxes/radios form element, add the '#multicolumn' property to the checkboxes or radio buttons form element definition:

$form['my_checkboxes'] = array(
 '#type' => 'checkboxes',
 '#multicolumn' => array('width' => 3),
$form['my_radios'] = array(
 '#type' => 'radios',
 '#multicolumn' => array('width' => 5,
                        'row-major' => TRUE,
                        'indent' => 3,
                        'caption' => t('December'),
                        'column-heading' => array(t('Mon'), t('Tue'), t('Wed'), t('Thu'),
                                                   t('Fri'), t('Sat'), t('Sun')),
                        'row-heading' => array(t('Week 1'), t('Week 2'), t('Week 3'))


'width' integer, required
specifies the number of columns to display the checkboxes/radios.
'row-major' boolean, optional
set to TRUE to change display across first, then down. The default is column-major: down first, then across.
'indent' integer, optional
Number of columns in column major or rows in row major to indent
'caption' string, optional
Caption center above the columns
'column-heading' array, optional
Column heading
'row-heading' array, optional
Row heading

Note: the checkall module is very handy for lots checkboxes.

Note to module writers: you can add multi-column settings to your checkboxes/radios without dependency to this module. For sites that have this module enable, your checkboxes and radios will be in muti-column. For sites without, the checkboxes and radios will just display in single column.

How to adjust column width: each column is inside a <td> with class "multicolumncheckboxesradios-column", define override css rule

... .multicolumncheckboxesradios-column {
   width: nnn;

to change column width. See README.txt for complete details on the markup.

See a demo at:

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