This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

IMPORTANT! Project merged into Drupal Tweaks module

Please use following module instead:
Drupal Tweaks

This module log specified drupal messages instead of showing them

1. Install module in standard way (
As default module logs all PHP/db error/warning messages for the users instead of showing them.
But you may customize message rules on module Settings Page.

You may configure different RegEx rules on settings page: admin/settings/msg2log (Read more:
If you want to change permission who can see the messages or not (go to Permission page)

- hide PHP/MySQL sytax error messages from anonymous/non-admin users (for security reasons)
See: #342128: how I can hide error messages for anonymous users?
- create specified actions when specified message show up
In Example: send fatal errors directly to webmaster e-mail address to fix the errors immediately (Triggers & Actions)
- log all messages to check what other users see and what common problems they have (i.e. with filling the forms)
- Ever wonder how to hide: 'The configuration options have been saved.' or default messages after node saving?
Get rid of not needed messages instead of translating them to empty strings.
- also good for development and testing purposes to log messages from specified modules or with specified rules
- and many more ...

- make sure that you aren't admin, he have permission to see all messages
- set proper Permissions which role can see the messages and which not

- Triggers & Actions

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