This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project provides the Drupal functionality required to allow the Moodle training management system to SSO share Drupal sessions. Users of this will need to use the following Moodle plugin:

This is mostly a configuration export in the form of a feature, and as such will have a large number of module dependencies; specifically:

  • Features
  • Strongarm
  • Services
  • Views

Important note: SSO can only happen between sites that can share cookies. This means the following configurations will work: (running drupal) (running moodle) (running moodle) (running drupal)

Sites with subdirectories should also work: (running drupal) (running moodle) (running moodle) (running drupal)

In order for this to work, the $cookie_domain value located in the settings.php file on the drupal site must be modified to use a shared cookie.

for all of the subdomain examples above, the line should read:
$cookie_domain = "";
* note the leading dot before

for all of the subdirectory examples, the line should read:
$cookie_domain = "";
*note the lack of a directory at the end of the domain.

Good luck and enjoy!

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