Have you ever wondered if you could use Drupal as your CMS and other technology
to distribute contents to users? Mongodb indexer could well be a key part of
(such) a system that answers this question. MongoDB indexer sends your metadata
to MongoDB without interfering/altering your main storage engine. You can add
extra data to a mongo document; or alter a mongo document before it is sent to
MongoDB. "There is a hook for that", of course.

A practical use case is a combination of: Drupal to manage your contents;
MongoDB indexer to send metadata to MongoDB clusters; Node.js to distribute
the contents from MongoDB clusters.


  • Selectable content types to be sent to MongoDB including custom entities,
    nodes, comments, taxonomy, users, and files.
  • Ability to re-indexing a single node content type or a single bundle of
    a custom entity.
  • Re-indexing operation are separated from normal indexing operation.
  • Flexibility in setting up PHP MongClient connection in settings.php.
  • Support for a single MongoDB instance or a Replica Set.
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