A starter theme geared towards advanced themers who want a solid starting point without extraneous Drupal markup. Check out the Mojo Handbook for more details.

The main goals of the Mojo theme are:

  • Be future friendly.
  • Improve accessibility.
  • Enhance the mobile experience.
  • Optimize front-end performance.
  • Use modern code: HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Prune the excessive markup Drupal spits out by default.

CSS Features

  • Printer-friendly layout
  • RTL support
  • Removes unnecessary core styles
  • Universal transitions for colors, opacity, drop shadows, and transforms

Responsive Layout Features

  • Mobile-first media queries
  • Overrides default Panels templates with responsive layouts

Performance Features

  • Replaces default Drupal icons with a sprite
  • Theme images have been optimized and compressed
  • Modifies expires and cache HTTP headers for theme images
  • Includes a theme setting to move scripts to the bottom

Theme Settings

  • Use Selectivizr
  • Move scripts to the bottom
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Display breadcrumbs
    • Breadcrumb separator
    • Show home page link in breadcrumbs
    • Append the content title to the end of the breadcrumbs
    • Append a separator to the end of the breadcrumbs
  • Meta tags for mobile devices
    • Use handheld friendly meta tag
    • Use mobile optimized meta tag
    • Use iOS mobile meta tags
    • Use mobile viewport meta tag
    • Mobile viewport meta tag value
  • Enable the Holmes stylesheet
  • Force IE to use Chrome Frame if installed
  • Use mobile-optimized main menu at small screen widths
  • Display the main menu as a drop-down menu
  • Rebuild theme registry on every page

Recommended Modules

Accessibility Pledge

#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Project Information