What this Module Does

Drupal 7

The module scans your current drupal system of modules for useful informations, what is going on in your system in terms of hooks, plugins, paths, themes, schema, updates, fields, elements, widgets, formatters and many more interesting things.

You'll be provided with informations specific to a certain module or a birdview to your whole installation.

My motivation for the Drupal 7 version of this module was, to know on an API level see what new modules are providing to the system. Many modules are not telling the user what they alter and where. This module helps to find these spots as well.

For an overview: http://youtu.be/NamlSACl6Zc

Drupal 5 and 6

In the description of each module on the page admin/build/modules, ModuleInfo places a list of the Pages, Blocks, and Content-types created by that module. Basically it alerts the user to any changes that a module makes to the drupal UI.

The versions of 5 and 6 will not be further maintained, updated or fixed.

Ronald Locke // Germany // Berlin

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