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"Module status" creates an overview of the bug status for all active modules of your Drupal site. It therefore polls the number of critical bugs from as XML/RSS and displays them on a single page available to administrators.

Screenshot of module "Module Status"

"Module status" helps admins to get an overview of possible problems coming with active modules. This should help to evaluate possible problems collectively and foster the process of fixing bugs in the community.

Future versions

Upcoming versions will cover the following features:

  • show also bugs with lower citicality than "Critical"
  • send notifications about new critical bugs to admins of a site
  • save the review status of a bug for each admin, that they can see if a bug was already reviewed regarding it's relevance for the running site


Thanks to Rouven Volk we were inspired with this idea at DrupalCon Vienna 2017 and created this module.

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