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This module allows loading menu item targets (the page a menu item links to) in a modal frame (a window that loads over the top of the current page).

For example, you could set a settings or poll page to load in a modal frame/window so that the user is not taken away from the page they're currently viewing when they click on the menu link for the settings or poll page.


Extra configuration items are added to menu item editing forms:

Title/Title custom
What to show in the title bar of the frame.
Header/Header custom
A header to show in the frame above the contents.
Open in a modal frame
Check this to enable opening the menu item in a modal frame.
Buttons to close on
If the linked page contains a form, a list of buttons which when clicked should close the frame (the frame only closes on successful form validation).
Pages to close on
A list of page addresses which if loaded in the frame will cause the frame to close.
Close message
A message to display when the frame is closed.
Buttons to remove
If the linked page contains a form, a list of buttons to remove from the form.
Frame size
Allows setting the frame size in pixels, leave blank to allow the frame to fit to the content.
Hide the close button in the title bar
Allows hiding the close button in the title bar (which usually looks like an X positioned to the top-right of the window/title bar).


Modal Frame API is used to generate and work with the modal frames.

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