Mobile theme provides clean markup and content for your own custom styling

Mobile is designed as a mobile-only HTML5 theme with a focus on clean, readable, usable display of content and accessibility of functions. You can use the base theme, use one of the included child themes, or make your own child theme.

The intent here is to keep the theme clean, lightweight and simple. There are not oodles of custom variables, theme settings or extraneous stylesheets to manage.



Mobile 3.x branch is HTML5/CSS3, with support for most modern mobile browsers. Recommended: Modernizr to enhance support for browsers less supportive of HTML5. See and for up-to-date info on what browsers support the HTML5 features you need.

Three Themes

Mobile – Base theme focusing on layout and templates.
Mobile Light – Some limited CSS for an aesthetically pleasing light-colored theme.
Mobile Dark – Some limited CSS for an aesthetically pleasing dark-colored theme.

See Branch 3.x Status, below, for important information.

Drupal 8

In progress. The goal is to continue making Mobile a very simple and clean base theme, with bundling of a couple of prettified subthemes, but feature requests are welcome!

Drupal 7

Branch 3.x (HTML5)

Focus is on user-facing output. As HTML5 is evolving, so will this branch of the theme, at least until there's a stable 1.0 release.


  • HTML5 markup.
  • Cleaned up templates.
  • ARIA Roles.
  • Configurable iOS "web app" mode.
  • Simplified regions.
  • Rendering for various modern mobile devices.
  • Normalize.css (3.x branch)

Child Themes (new!)

New to Mobile is the inclusion of subthemes that provide some aesthetically pleasing styles, so you can just enable them and use them. Styling is pretty generic, so as to work with most all modules and configurations.

Mobile Light

In development. This is a clean presentation with white backgrounds behind content, to complement sites with light desktop themes.

Mobile Dark

To come. This will be like light theme, but with a light-text-on-dark-bg look and feel, to complement sites with dark desktop themes.


The development snapshot is, well, in development. It's just going to get better! The dev snapshot should be stable enough to use, but markup and styles are subject to change. Bug reports and patches are welcome! Mobile Light has some basic styles in place. Mobile Dark will follow after more of Mobile Light is in place.

Sorry, at this point there are no plans to backport the HTML5 version to Drupal 6.

Branch 2.x

This is the xhtml version and will receive only bug fixes at this point.

Drupal 6

This is the xhtml version and will receive only bug fixes at this point. Note that the "4.x" branch of the Drupal 6 theme is no longer supported.


The Drupal 8 and 7 versions are developed and maintained by Laura Scott and sponsored by Pingv.

Drupal 6 version is maintained by Richard Eriksson.

The Mobile theme was originally written by Bèr Kessels and sponsored by

Project information