Mobify is discontinuing support for this particular module - but NOT for Drupal!! The recommended mechanism for deploying Mobify on all new sites (including Drupal sites) is to use the javascript redirection method. The javascript snippet for redirection is provided in the 'Deploy' panel for your site in The snippet is unique to each site.

Why discontinue the Drupal module?

1) It doesn't do much. It detects phones based on UA and sends a 302 redirect. The same can be accomplished in javascript making it one less "moving part" to maintain.

2) Phone user agents are being updated all the time. That means that someone with an older version of the Drupal module has a good chance of not redirecting newer phones. Even worse, we're finding that as the user agent space gets more and more fragmented, there are cases where devices that should get the desktop experience will be sent to the mobile site using old module rules. With the javascript we're able to provide our entire device library to do detection (6000+ devices and growing constantly). We can maintain this library actively and there's no need for our users to update anything.

3) Doing server-side redirection can cause potentially serious problems for edge caching services such as Akamai and for some node caching modules.

Please feel free to contact us directly using our community forum if you have any problems deploying the redirect javascript. You can find the forums at

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