Train your mega memory!

The mnemonic major system memory training module helps you to practice using the mnemomic major system.

The mnemonic major system is a memory technique which allows you to memorize numbers through visual association. The system works by converting numbers into consonant sounds, then into words by adding vowels. The system works on the principle that images can be remembered more easily than numbers.

This module lets you train number to word conversion (ntw) and word to number conversion (wtn).
It also lets you input a number and will suggest a sentence for you based on your own defenition of your favorite 'pegs': words that map to specific numbers.

You can define your own pegs in the configuration settings and you can alter some values for training purposes.

When doing number to word conversion you are not limited to using your own or predefined peg words. By using the double metaphone algorithm, the module will calculate the numeric output from the words you provided.


special thanks to Stephen Woodbrige for allowing me to use his double metaphone implementation under the GNU license.


  • number to word training: the best way to train! This trains the ability to convert a number into the associated peg words. Train your own peg system/words with this block.
  • word to number training: trains the ability to convert words to the associated number
  • suggest a sentence based on a number. Input a phone number and see the words from the peg list that make up the phone number
  • creates a number based on word input: Meteor Tail Pink gives you the first 8 digits of the number PI as output
  • All functionality of this module is provided in different, simple blocks (5 of them)
  • lets you define your own pegs for numbers 00 to 09 and from 0 to 99
  • when doing number to word training, you can use peg words and non peg words and the correct numeric output will be calculated
  • settings for number of words and maximum number length while training

Oh yeah, this technique works :)

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