Import and Export entities with Feeds CSV parser and Views Data Export.


  • Mirrors (Import and export Drupal core entities + runtime)
  • Mirrors Extra Fields (Fields from popular contrib modules)
  • Mirrors Commerce (Import and export Commerce entities)

Too many times I have been husseling with imports and exports within Drupal. Allthough there is excellent tooling to do this (Views, Feeds, Migrate) it stays difficult and error-prone to setup these modules to function appropriatly. Its a lot of clicking around, testing and retesting. And when you want to change/add/remove a field, you have to do this at least 3 times: field_ui, views_ui and your importer. Thats where this module kicks in.

There are a couple of use-case for this module:

  1. While developing; you export/import your users, content, products and don't like to fallback on your database backups but instead want a litte more regression-testability.
  2. As a tool to get your content in version control. As we have features for configration, you can use this for content.
  3. As a lazy way to create complex Views and Feeds. Let Mirrors create them, and afterwards you clone and adjust them. See mirrors_example for entities with a lot of fields.

Exports are Views Data Exports in CSV format.
Imports are Feeds.

This module supports specific core entities and fields.

Supported Entities:

  • node
  • taxonomy_term
  • user

Supported Fields:

  • boolean
  • date (core)
  • date (contrib)
  • decimal
  • entityreference
  • integer
  • taxonomy_term
  • text
  • text_formatted

Every field can be a
field (multiple values).

Supported Property Types:

  • boolean
  • date
  • integer
  • text

Like: nid, uuid, title.

Extra fields [experimental]:

  • file
  • image
  • addressfield
  • video_embed_field
  • link


  1. Enable this module.
  2. Enable 'Views UI' and 'Feeds UI'
  3. Visit 'admin/structure/mirrors' to enable Mirrors per bundle.

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