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Migrate Drupal is a helper module to help with the migration of Drupal sites (e.g. Drupal 5 -> Drupal 6), when using the migrate module. Specifically (at the moment) for filefields.

** Currently requires Migrate Extra to be patched with #731992: multi-value filefields **


The migrate module rocks, but it has problems with many to many relationships, like nodes to files. As Drupal to Drupal conversions are fairly common, we think this is a use case worth simplifying.


As we know the structure of a Drupal database, we can use that to make assumptions about how the tables are arranged and therefore make it MUCH simpler to migrate.


  • GUI


There is no GUI (yet), so its all in code, you have to do 3 things to set up. Currently it requires a patch to migrate extras #731992: multi-value filefields.

    This is a path from your site root, to the folder where your keeping the old files directory. Note, it expects the files to be in a folder called files e.g.
    NODE_MIGRATE_FILE_PATH . 'files/images/foobar.jpg'
    The names used for the databases in settings.php
  3. The node_migrate_field_mappings() function This is where the good stuff happens, its a structured array as follows.
                                                  |- [table] = table in old db
                                                  |- [col] = data column (e.g. the fid)

    There is a sample in the module itself.

Required Modules:

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