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This “Microformats” module is a collection of methods designed to render semantic markup that can be altered by the core Drupal theme subsystem. It uses several PHP libraries via composer to implement the common Microformat design patterns.

Drupal 8 plan

Starting in May 2016, this module will be revised for Drupal 8, using composer to leverage mf2 library and streamline dependencies for more indieweb-related formats.
Check out the ideas and existing microformat + indieweb modules on d.o here:
#1002922: Build microformats library + supported modules in Drupal 8.
The 8.x-1.x README.txt has more info.
Drupal 8 dev: Dan Feidt (HongPong)

Microformats wraps libraries that can help manage:

Drupal 5 version

Originally developed by Benjamin Doherty. Unreleased code here.

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