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Microdata enables you to share content with other sites and services, like Google's Recipe View, using inline metadata.



If you are a field formatter developer who wants to support microdata in your contrib module, please post an issue in your own queue and ping me.

Known incompatibilities

  • Display Suite

Want to see a release candidate?

For microdata (or any HTML data) to work, it needs to integrate with field formatters. This means that there is a lot of cooperation that needs to happen between the main microdata module and field modules like Date and AddressField. This takes the form of patches to the field modules.

Currently, besides the core fields, only Fivestar and GeoField have committed microdata support. I will not be releasing an RC until at least 5 of the major field formatter modules have committed microdata support.

If you would like to see an RC of this module, please test those patches for fields you are using. You can test your microdata output and chime in with your support or let us know if there are any bugs. Also test your output in Views and Panels if you use them.

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