This module has been abandoned by the original maintainer. The project page has been recreated for the benefit of existing users. As of now, there is no maintainer so please don't start using this project. If you are already using it, you can continue to use it but there will be no work done on it until a new maintainer is found.

This is a simple messenger module (ajax).
It allows registered, active users to send messages to on-line and/or off-line users.

1) Messenger page with a textarea field.
2) Html messages are allowed (default filter).
3) Messenger block with a text field for sending quick messages.
4) Blinking text (can be disabled from the css) if the current user received a new message.
5) Messages are grouped into the 'unread' and 'archive' message types.
6) Complex css. The messages headers/bodies, notify/alert messages, blinking, ... are fully customizable from the messenger.css file.

Disable the messenger for the TinyMCE ('edit-messenger-*' textarea) and FCKEditor ('messenger' and 'messenger/*' lines) WYSIWYG editors because it doesn't work with them.

a) disable the messenger module first because of the menu_hook() is changed
b) refresh your browser because of javascript changes

Project Information

  • Maintenance status: Unknown
  • Development status: Unknown
  • Module categories: Utility
  • Last modified: May 9, 2008
  • shield alertThis project is not covered by the security advisory policy.
    It may have publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. Use at your own risk!