This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Message Effects module adds attention getting JavaScript effects to Drupal messages (you know... the messages that say things like "This content was saved." or "You have an error.", etc -- usually above the content on your Drupal site). I have found that many users tend to miss these messages on the page, so Message Effects gives them a little "pizazz" to make them more noticeable.

This module depends on the JQuery Interface module which in turn relies on the JQuery Update module, so you'll want to download those too.

Administrators can choose between various effects selectable for status or error messages. The current list is:

  • Pulsate - flash in and out
  • Highlight - (the fade yellow technique) add a highlight background color to element and fade it away
  • Shake - shake the element horizontally a number of times
  • None - do nothing

NB: Hi, I'm jcfiala, and I'll be helping out with this module. At the moment I'm trying to get a drupal-6 release of some sort together - a branch has been created, and hopefully soon we'll have something we can expose as a development release.

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