This module provide custom field type that can create references to items in Drupal menus.

Module also provide Views integration to create contextual filter on Menu reference field type with default value based on current page menu trail. This functionality allows you to display content on specified position of menu.


Common use case of this module is to create images or other kind of contextual content types that belongs to certain level of site navigation.

For example you have navigation structure of your content like this:

Home > Services > Development

Views contextual filter default value will walkthrough current page menu trail from deepest level (Development) to highest (Home) and check if there is any content with Menu reference points to that menu link. If you have no menu reference on menu link Development it displays one that points to Services and so on up to Home.

Advantage of Menu reference is that you are not depend on reference only between nodes or other kind of entites but you can create reference on View, Panel or other Drupal page that has menu link in site navigation.


You can watch this demonstration and tutorial with Menu Reference on YouTube.

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