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This module allows you to upload an image in the menu-item's configuration form.

After uploading the image, the icon data will be added to the menu link's
options array.

When a menu link is goes through the theme layer, it will receive an extra
class which by default is used to attach the images as a background image to the
corresponding menu item. These class names are also compatible with Nice Menu's.

In the near future we will provide usage of inline images as an optional

When Imagecache is installed, you can choose an imagecache preset for uploaded images.

A screenshot of the menu-edit form with menu_icons enabled is located here.

Incompatible Modules

  • The 1.x branch of taxonomy_menu module is currently incompatible with Menu Icons, as that module overwrites menu_icon's data. Please use the 2.x branch of taxonomy_menu. (see #1437184: Menu Icons disappear after editing page for additional information)
  • The devel_themer module is incompatible with menu_icons, and menu_icons will not work while it's enabled.

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