By default, Drupal requires that you enter a path for each menu link you add/edit from the Menu administration page.
There are cases you may want to create a parent item, without any path, that simply links to its first viewable child item.
Menu Firstchild provides this functionality.


  1. Install the module like any other module.
  2. Navigate to admin/structure/menu and choose the menu you want to customize.
  3. Add a new menu link or edit an existing link then enter <firstchild> as the link path to turn it into a parent item linking to its first accessible child.

Known issues

Breadcrumb might be wrong. This is not a bug of Menu Firstchild but a problem linked to Drupal's weak default breadcrumb system.
To solve breadcrumb issues, whether using Menu Firstchild of not:

  1. Try Menu Breadcrumb.
  2. Read #732370: Go as deep as possible when building the active trail.


This module is sponsored by Absyx.
If you like this module, please review Absyx.

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