Provides a method for adding iOS-style badges to menu items. (see screenshot)

Adding Badges to Menus

Once enabled, go to Administration > Structure > Menus, and click "list links" next to the menu containing the target item. Click "edit" next to the item and select the badge to display with the Display Menu Badge select box.

Adding Badges to Tabs

For adding badges to menu tabs, there is a tab under Administration > Structure > Menus called "Tab Menu Badges". Search for the menu router path of the tab you want to alter, then select a badge from the corresponding select box.

Badge Types

The module includes five example badges, and new badges can be created easily with Views. See this screencast for instructions: Modules can also supply their own badges with a hook implementation. See the README.txt file for details.

Drupal 8

The 8.x-1.x-dev release includes all the functionality of the Drupal 7 version. However, it is not yet completely working with the new caching that Drupal 8 does. Badges are getting cached and don't change when they should. Once that is fixed, a stable release will be created.

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