By default, Drupal allows only users with the Administer menus and menu items permission to add, modify or delete menu items.

Menu Admin per Menu allows to give roles per menu admin permissions without giving them full admin permission.

For instance, you may let certain users manage the items of the Main or Navigation menus but not those of the Management menu.

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  1. Install the module like any other module.
  2. Navigate to admin/people/permissions and set permissions for each role and each menu under Menu Admin per Menu.


If users with per menu permissions don't have the Use the administration pages and help permission, they will not by default be able to see the Menus item (admin/structure/menu) inside Administration/Structure.
So don't forget to move this item to the root of the Management menu or somewhere else it can be seen by those users.


This module was first developed by Absyx.
It was ported to Drupal 8 by Max (mkdok).

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