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This module provides integration between Drupal and Memcached with the following features:

  • An API for using Memcached and the PECL Memcache or Memcached libraries with Drupal.
  • Memcache backends for the following systems (all drop-in):
    • Caching (
    • Locking (
    • Sessions ( (D6 only)
  • A module that provides a comprehensive administrative overview of Drupal's interaction with Memcached and stats.
  • A set of tests that can be run to test your memcache setup.

Testing: 6.x-1.12-rc1

If you're using the 6.x branch of Memcache, please help test 6.x-1.12-rc1 (released 11 July 2017), helping us to roll out the next stable release. This includes a large number of back-ported bug fixes found by the community in the 7.x branch.


The most complete and up to date documentation is included with the module, in the README.txt file. There is also user-contributed documentation available but this tends to be more out of date.

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