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OUTDATED MODULE: This is a bundle of two modules audiofield.module and videofield.module which are CCK fields for storing audio and video files. They are similar to filefield.module and imagefield.module fields.
Both fields depend on which implements common functions and can be used in the future for all other file CCK fields.

This module is no longer maintained

It should still work for D5, but D6 has better solutions already (see

If you wish to maintain this module and create a D6 release or even D7 please open an issue to become a maintainer/co-maintainer.


These fields depend on the getid3 module for the installation and management of the getID3() PHP library

Please also see the Media Field Display module, for display alternatives for audio fields.

Developed by ARDAS group - It was then maintained by OpenlyConnected but IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED .


  • Users of this module may also be interested in Transliteration module, which automatically changes potentially troublesome filenames into ones that flash based players can use. Just install and enable - no code changes required

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