This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module wraps video from an Amazon S3 bucket in an Popcorn.js driven HTML5 video player. Both the H264 and Ogg Theora must be provided to support IE, Firefox, and Safari.

Media S3 is different from any of the existing Amazon/S3 solutions in a number of ways...

  1. It only applies to media in a specific bucket... not all files
  2. Files aren't added to Drupal and pushed to S3... they are pulled from S3 using Media Feeds a custom batch process similar to the method @torgosPizza developed to pre-populate Commerce Files
  3. The S3 integration isn't limited to a single S3 bucket
  4. The player is designed to be always be served from the Drupal site while pulling files from S3
  5. The player supports deep linking into "chapters" using Cue Builder


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