This module is an extension to the Drupals Media module and together with other modules like plupload and manualcrop it provides a slick drag-and-drop interface to work with many images in an article.

This is useful for large news sites or portals that have many different image formats and need to cut-down the amount of time used in adding, editing and managing images in articles.

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The use of these modules are recommended to get additional functionality.

  • Manual crop
    (Use the latest dev version of manualcrop)

Similar modules

  • Mediabox
    Mediabox differs in the basic approach towards images and formats. Media desk helps when you have various image formats and need an overview of all the images you plan to use in an article and gives you a drag and drop interface to choose which images to use for which formats.

    Mediabox has built their own interface for a file browser and editing the files, but Media Desk uses the interfaces provided by the Media module like the filebrowser, edit, plupload integration etc.


  • If using manualcrop module, make sure you are using the latest dev version.
  • With the latest release alpha2 you do not need media multiselect module. Please disable it to avoid conflicts.
  • NOTE: Currently there is an issue if you wish to use the media multiselect sandbox module along with the latest stable version of this module due to the conflict between the multiselect sandbox module and its counterpart included with media desk. In that case, please use the latest dev version.

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