This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal 8 admin theme based on Google Material Design Language and utilizing the CSS framework materializecss

this projects main focus is to achieve two goals:

1) Modernize Drupal 8 administration UX and design:

implement overall a design standard and interaction patterns, increase productivity and build features that make it easier to manage common tasks.

2) Truly mobile first.

D8 administration of content and configuration is nearly impossible on a mobile device, this project aims to make that a reality that is usable.

Additionally, this project is geared to being a theme used for decoupled Drupal where Drupal is the backend administration tool.

Modern development process utilizing:
- Gulp
- Node / Yarn Package Management
- materializecss CSS/js framework

Active development on GitHub:

Please message me to if you have an interest in helping.

Project Information