This module allows users with "Administer users" permission to reset all user accounts and notify all users


The module will reset the passwords of all users except the administrative superuser id 1. You can optionally reset the administrative superuser id 1. Once passwords have been reset, users will optionally receive emails using the Drupal password recovery email. The password recovery email content can be edited at the account settings configuration page.

Use cases

  • You have a large number of user accounts pre-created and want to send password recovery emails to all users during a site launch.
  • You need to quickly change all passwords on a site for security reasons.


  • Mass Password Reset form is located at admin/people/mass-pwreset
  • Select options as necessary
  • Click "Reset passwords" button


  • Notify users of password reset with Drupal's password recovery email
  • Include the administrative superuser id 1 account in the list of passwords being reset

Highlighted on the Lullabot Module Monday series:

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