This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This distribution was replaced by Commerce Kickstart, please use it instead.

MartPlug is a Drupal distribution tailored to make highly flexible online stores using Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

MartPlug contains the features common to all e-commerce stores, and offers a solid base to be extended to fit your e-commerce project needs.

MartPlug ships with the MartPlug Elegant theme, which is a elegantly designed HTML5 theme based on Omega, that makes use of Responsive Design techniques to format the site for multiple devices.


  • Shopping cart
  • Product catalog
  • Product importing
  • Digital/Downloadable products
  • Media asset handling
  • Mobile commerce ready
  • Social networks integration
  • Feature slideshows
  • Support for multiple product images
  • Blog
  • Static pages
  • Rich text editor

Building MartPlug

MartPlug nightly development builds can be downloaded bellow. If you want to build MartPlug you can use Drush and Drush make (if using Drush 4.x).

To do so create a file named martplug-build.make with the following content:

core = 7.x
api = 2

projects[drupal][type] = core
projects[drupal][version] = "7.12"

projects[martplug][type] = profile
projects[martplug][download][type] = git
projects[martplug][download][url] =
projects[martplug][download][branch] = 7.x-1.x

Then run the following command:

drush make --prepare-install martplug-build.make martplug

After doing that you'll have a full Drupal distribution that you can install just like you install Drupal.

Known issues

For a full list of known issues please check the issue queue.

  • You need memory_limit PHP setting set to at least 128M.
  • Sample products aren't being created correctly, to fix this, after installing, go to the dashboard and click "Remove sample content" then click "Enable sample content" to add them again.

Sites running MartPlug

If you want your MartPlug powered site added to this list, please file an issue or contact the maintainer directly.

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