This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is a set of tools that creates a framework for other modules to build maps in Drupal. It is a common API to help leverage CTools by creating the necessarily building blocks for other modules to build maps, specifically Javascript-based maps.

Still very early in development. Help and co-maintainers are always welcome.

What this modules (will do) does

  • Sets ups database tables and associated plugins to store maps, layers, and styles
  • Creates API calls to retrieve objects, rendering objects through map type, layer type, and style type plugins.
  • Provides a standardized interface for defining these objects in Drupal.
  • Provides a small bit of Javascript to jump start the map building process.
  • Provides as example module.
  • Provides documentation.
  • This module is being developed in Drupal 7 and will not see any back ports to Drupal 6.

What this module does NOT do

  • Provide a common API for common map actions, like zooming.
  • Abstract out common mapping API calls, like the Mapstraction library.

Project information