This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module was updated on March 27, 2008. It contains numerous changes, including transferring definition of types, transforms, presenters, extensions to hookable functions. Although this is a development module, and therefore not yet for production sites, it is in a beta state.

This module provides an API for which extensions, types, presenters, transformations, administrative capabilities, layouts, filters, and other things can be defined by other modules for acting upon files located with the system.

This module provides a way to display, transform and extract information from media. It provides the basis for the Media Manager module, and in fact was developed for it.

There will be a more full outline of what is contained within this module, relatively soon, including the API function library for performing various transformations, and specification of display of these in the proper context.

- hook this module into other media related modules

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