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Screenshot of installation screen, at profile selection

Mandatory is an installation profile for Drupal 8, allowing Drupal to be installed without ANY optional components (modules, themes). So you'll end up with an initial Drupal installation where only mandatory components are enabled.

To use it, download Drupal 8 and this profile, start the installation process and select 'Mandatory' as installation profile. If you're using Composer follow these steps:

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev some-dir --stability dev --no-interaction
cd some-dir
composer require drupal/mandatory

Now you can start the installation as usual, maybe using Drush or Drupal Console:

drush si (for Drush)
drupal si (for Drupal Console)

Beware, your site will look rather ugly, as Stark will be set as default theme. And there won't be a menu, so you'll have to navigate through the site using internal paths, like 'admin/modules' - until you enable some core or custom modules to make your site shiny again.

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