This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Drupal maintenance project is supposed to make multiple site support/monitoring easier. It's goal is to notify administrator about updates needed for specific sites or possibly if cron has failed to run, using e-mail or on-site dashboard.

Project contains 3 modules:

  • maintenance module for harvesting data and sending it to central server;
  • maintenance_in server module, collecting data. Let's call it a central server.
  • maintenance_status, module for returning site availability / client health status to external services such as pingdom. You need this in case central server cron stops working.

Data is sent encrypted (if php mcrypt available) and it carries:

  • module update status (available updates, existing versions)
  • site name and drupal core version
  • when last crontab has run
  • server php and mysql version


  • Server module:
    • views module
    • CCK (content) module
    • Date module
    • (optional) mcrypt php extension
  • Client module:
    • update module
    • curl php extension
    • (optional) mcrypt php extension

Current todo list:

Drupal 6?
Yes, I wanted to integrate this module into our OpenAtrium installation so that we can list clients and sites. So, no Drupal 7 (server) version has been needed so far, you have client module only.

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